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M.A BEAT! is the electro-acoustic trio composed by Samy Abboud, Louis Treffel and Adrien Legay, from Nancy (France), who have been releasing forward-thinking music for 3 years. Inspired by the English electronic artists like Caribou, James Holden and Boards of Canada, M.A BEAT! put organic sounds and hybrid textures in an elegant and elaborate electronic environment.

French radio station Nova once described their sound in these words « drums dancing in your head. Smart music without being nerdy, at the crossroad of Tortoise and Fakear, real beauty ». Between electronica, jazz and beats, the formula evolved on Drowning For Love with a wider variety of instruments, influences from Africa and orchestral arrangements.

The band has been playing in France, Europe and toured in Japan in August 2015. Either you are attending to dance or feel the smooth vibe of their songs, the shows are where you realize M.A BEAT! are eventually more into rock than you thought.

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Radio / Press:

->Recommended by Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 6 Music

->Trax Magazine: We hear a lot of melodic future beats today. Most of them are boring but a few have a ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’, and they deserve to be well-known.

->Radio Nova: Drums dancing in your head. Smart music without being nerdy, at the crossroad of Tortoise and Fakear, real beauty

->Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp – USA): Frisky electronic forays from edgy Parisian trio who add the right dose of organics. RIYL Four Tet or Bonobo.

->DJ Broadcast: An exquisite piece of work instrumentally, the combination of orchestral sound, electronic glitches and sampling, teamed with Pharaoh Sanders-like walls of astral jazz create an incredibly rich listening experience.

What you get:

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Paris, France
M.A BEAT! makes music based on sampling, textures and acoustic instruments merged in an electronic environment.

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