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M.A BEAT! are an indie electronic band, founded in Nancy, France in 2012. The band has released two albums as well as several EPs. A trio today, the project was born solo with the EP Arbor.

M.A BEAT!'s original member was Samy Abboud (electronics / guitar) and was since joined by Louis Treffel (synth / bass) & Adrien Legay (drums).

The group's debut studio album, Drowning For Love, was released by BMM records on 04 May 2015, the band also issued an EP that year, Age of Wander.

The band's style is a mixture of textures and acoustic instruments heavily influenced by the electronica scene. M.A BEAT!'s music is often ledge and mellow with ethereal samples and analogue dissonance giving it a dreamy edge.

In 2016, they collaborated on Split with russian producer Dadaisme. The result is a piece of ambient and folk music. The band performed at les Trans Musicales de Rennes & les INOUïS du Printemps de Bourges in 2017 and also toured in the UK, Japan, USA, Canada and Europe these past years.

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